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@BubbleGumBanshee: @Wolfherder @PetTheSoo Are we still doing that? I thought we cancelled that. Fri Jun 15 08:37:03 2018

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo @BubbleGumBanshee I'm good with weird. I'd just like less apocalypse with the weird. Fri Jun 15 08:35:06 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder @BubbleGumBanshee Among the weirdos, the normal one IS the weirdest? Anyway, I have to be weird, you'd all worry otherwise. Fri Jun 15 08:30:59 2018

@Wolfherder: @BubbleGumBanshee Hey, I get good grades and don't miss much class anymore--usually! Plus, you aren't the weird one. @PetTheSoo is much weirder! Fri Jun 15 08:28:32 2018

@BubbleGumBanshee: @PetTheSoo @Wolfherder I've got a perfect GPA and never miss a class. Of course I'm the weird one among you. Fri Jun 15 07:52:56 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder @BubblegumBanshee He said you're #weird. Fri Jun 15 03:09:00 2018

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo #MyFriendsAreWeird Fri Jun 15 03:07:01 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder Listen, if I stopped my life every time the world ended, I wouldn't be pregnant. Wait. Hrm. Fri Jun 15 03:01:42 2018

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo Yeah, but with the world constantly ending, who's got the time? Fri Jun 15 02:12:58 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder ... Beach party day? We could camp. On the beach. Smores and open flames! Sexy tan lines for our menfolk! Fri Jun 15 01:58:26 2018

@Wolfherder: I remember this thing where I used to get to enjoy summer. Anyone else remember that? Thu Jun 14 23:52:50 2018

@BlondeBabe92: Finally got my ride all fixed up!!! Now I need to get my gear back together. Lord mom is going to die I'm sure. Wed Mar 07 21:00:10 2018

@PetTheSoo: *picture of Jackson & Soo, surrounded by members of Soo's family in front of a Christmas tree. Grandparents front and center & cousins and their significant others fanned out. Towering over Soo is a striking young man with the same odd amber eyes & feral grin* Mon Dec 25 21:50:10 2017

@PetTheSoo: Merry Christmas everybody! Good News and Bad News! Bad News, I'm disowned. Good News, Jackson now favorite grandson. Best News, Cousin Hyeung not happy about this. <3 Mon Dec 25 21:49:16 2017

@BubbleGumBanshee: @RyGuy2018 So far, so good, how about you? Sun Dec 24 19:09:50 2017

@RyGuy2018: Hoping everybody is having a great holiday! Sun Dec 24 19:04:02 2017

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo Mmm. So true. Sun Dec 24 19:03:22 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder Just like @Sourwolf ;) Sun Dec 24 18:57:33 2017

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo Nah, they're too thick. Sun Dec 24 18:55:12 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder Need cookies. Put them in my mouth. I have a printer, scan them. Sun Dec 24 18:50:58 2017

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo Hey, @Sourwolf and I baked cookies. Saving you some. Sun Dec 24 18:49:12 2017

@Wolfherder: @BubbleGumBanshee I always knew I loved you, L Sun Dec 24 18:47:49 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder @Wildthing2 @BubbleGumBanshee Everything is homotastic. I miss you guys! Sun Dec 24 18:40:36 2017

@BubbleGumBanshee: @Wildthing2 @Wolfherder Don't listen to him, S. Sun Dec 24 18:36:53 2017

@Wildthing2: @Wolfherder It's sad that I have to be the one to tell you to get your mind out of the gutter. Sun Dec 24 18:32:38 2017

@Wolfherder: Presents in chimneys, stuffing stockings, gay apparel--Christmas is seriously kinda homotastic. Sun Dec 24 18:26:15 2017

@BubbleGumBanshee: If anybody makes me do a musical number, I'm going to scream. Sat Dec 23 18:46:05 2017

@Wildthing1: Hey, I'm still 19, and I still have 19 boxes of ugly Xmas sweaters. #BeaconHills Sat Dec 23 05:46:26 2017

@Wolfherder: Looking like a white Christmas, and nobody's singing against their will! #BeaconHills Sat Dec 23 05:43:43 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder #Narcoberry Sat Dec 02 05:35:47 2017

@Wolfherder: Taking #statistics right after lunch was a huge mistake. #bhc #iregreteverything Wed Oct 04 15:00:28 2017

@Pup4Evar: @ryguy2018 You'll be fine! #supportive Sat Sep 23 19:14:15 2017

@RyGuy2018: I'm new to this, hope I am doing it right. Sat Sep 23 19:04:44 2017

[[|@BHHSAthletics]]: @PetTheSoo Hey, do you know if BHC has a lacrosse team? Maybe intramural? Sat Sep 23 18:59:14 2017

@PetTheSoo: @BHHSAthletics I still miss you, Coach. <3 Sat Sep 23 18:57:39 2017

@BubbleGumBanshee: @Pup4Evar @Wolfherder It's not my fault you're an obsessive overachiever. But I do like that in a man. Sat Sep 23 18:57:08 2017

[[|@BHHSAthletics]]: @Pup4Evar Don't think you can hide from me just by changing your handle! Also, I would never, ever take out my irritation on a student by failing them. Sat Sep 23 18:55:16 2017

@Pup4Evar: Also I think i might fail Economics this year. Coach is not happy that I skipped a grade he's taking it as a personal insult. Sat Sep 23 18:53:40 2017

@Wolfherder: @Pup4Evar Everything I'm taking is for college credit. I'm in college. Sat Sep 23 18:53:19 2017

@Pup4Evar: @wolfherder Have a certain redhead set your study schedule and you'd be a month ahead already ... and taking an elective for college credit. Sat Sep 23 18:52:46 2017

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo I'll take it. Sat Sep 23 18:51:48 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder ... there was that one training montage... Sat Sep 23 18:51:24 2017

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo Would we magically finish all our homework in the space of a single song? #ThereAreWorseThings Sat Sep 23 18:49:44 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder Do you want to start singing again? That's how we start singing again. Sat Sep 23 18:49:08 2017

@Wolfherder: Well, it's December and I think I've finished my first week of reading from college. Wait, it's not December? #FreshmenProblems #BHC Sat Sep 23 18:48:10 2017

@LiamLaCrosse: Summer is Finally here! ... Why am I studying more now that I was when we had School? #crazytutor #Idreamaboutstudying Sat Jun 03 20:32:34 2017

@LiamLaCrosse: (Continued) mers supposed to be fun? Sat Jun 03 18:06:50 2017

@LiamLaCrosse: @petthesoo You guys are all Old now. I'm still just a care free high school student.... Who is working on his third Essay. Today. Aren't sum Sat Jun 03 18:06:49 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 We're adults. How are we adults? Can we just be... adult-ish? Sat Jun 03 18:04:10 2017

@StilesBH24: Coffee + chocolate = Lunch. *thumbs up* Sat Jun 03 13:21:49 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder @Pup4Evar Mine is still applicable. I'm not changing. But if I did, it'd be 'KissMeInThePark'. >.> Sat Jun 03 10:26:11 2017

@Pup4Evar: @wolfherder I can be fancy too! Plus my old one was kinda lame. #newbeginnings Sat Jun 03 08:22:17 2017

@Wolfherder: New Twitter handle is a GO. RIP @StilesBH24 and hello #college Sat Jun 03 08:10:43 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Just one star. Mon May 01 20:44:31 2017

@StilesBH24: RT @PetTheSoo has an ass full of stars. Mon May 01 20:43:14 2017

@PetTheSoo: The stars look amazing tonight. Just like my ass. Mon May 01 20:41:52 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 I'm pretty sure Lance would help. Mon May 01 19:33:57 2017

@StilesBH24: @Sourwolf @DevilUKno You're protecting me from this. Mon May 01 19:32:35 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 @BubbleGumBanshee She microchipped me. Mon May 01 19:31:59 2017

@BubbleGumBanshee: @StilesBH24 @PetTheSoo Like I don't know how to find you. Mon May 01 19:30:36 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 @BubbleGumBanshee Awww, but we wanted to create Princess Slay'a! Mon May 01 19:29:58 2017

@StilesBH24: Suddenly I'm going on vacation. #Mexico #OrPossiblyLance's #OrPossiblyDerek's #Bye Mon May 01 19:28:23 2017

@BubbleGumBanshee: @StilesBH24 @PetTheSoo RuPaul's Drag Race. I'm coming over. I have all 9 seasons on Prime. We're watching. Mon May 01 19:27:07 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo @BubbleGumBanshee Unless you mean R2D2 I have no idea what you're talking about. Help? Mon May 01 19:25:58 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 #TeamMomo for RPDR? Mon May 01 19:24:32 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo #TeamMomo Mon May 01 19:23:36 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Momo already did. Like it's my fault I ate her food. Mon May 01 19:23:18 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo I'm going to puke in your shoes. Mon May 01 19:22:56 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 UP&AK are my new OTP tho <3 Mon May 01 19:22:28 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo I kind of feel like I spent the whole month not being able to talk and dealing with P&K fuckery. Mon May 01 19:21:12 2017

@BubbleGumBanshee: @PetTheSoo Just... stay out of the catnip. Mon May 01 19:18:42 2017

@PetTheSoo: Is it me or was that the longest month ever? Mon May 01 13:49:34 2017

@PetTheSoo: ... Still haven't figured out the plans for prom #I'mNotGoingISwear Thu Mar 30 20:56:59 2017

@StilesBH24: @LiamLacrosse I especially like Supergirl. That guy they have playing Superman is HOT. Fri Mar 10 02:59:31 2017

@StilesBH24: All my friends are total dorks. #LoveEmAnyway Fri Mar 10 02:47:51 2017

@LiamLaCrosse: @StilesBh24 Nerd Only a nerd stays up all night watching tv. #Didn'tsleepallweektogetcaughtuponArrowverse Fri Mar 10 02:46:53 2017

@Wildthing1: @StilesBH24, try switching to #GayPr0n. Always a happy ending. Fri Mar 10 02:46:12 2017

@StilesBH24: But WTF CLIFFHANGER ENDING? WHEN IS SEASON TWO!? Fri Mar 10 02:45:45 2017

@StilesBH24: And even if I were, that show is seriously annoying and I am I no way addicted. Fri Mar 10 02:45:12 2017

@StilesBH24: I'm not up at quarter to 3AM watching #ASeriesOfUnfortunateEvents Fri Mar 10 02:44:18 2017

@PetTheSoo: ... OK, one wyvern cannot take a Titanosaur. #AlmostDied #ShitArkSays Tue Mar 07 15:16:57 2017

@PetTheSoo: There need to be more tall buildings here, dammit. Wed Feb 22 19:06:30 2017

@PetTheSoo: @BHHSAthletics Thanks, #NotCoach! Mon Feb 13 20:25:50 2017

@BHHSAthletics: (Continued) you, I just say "Good luck." Mon Feb 13 20:25:02 2017

@BHHSAthletics: @Wildthing1 @PetTheSoo @StilesBH24 You idiots are about as subtle as a brick to the face. Shut up about your stupid wood! Not you, Park. To Mon Feb 13 20:25:01 2017

@Wildthing1: @PetTheSoo @StilesBH24 More like mighty oak. All for my 1Tru<3 @LiamLaCrosse. Mon Feb 13 20:21:09 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wildthing1 @StilesBH24 ... I don't like knotty pine. Mon Feb 13 20:17:58 2017

@StilesBH24: @Wildthing1 @PetTheSoo My wood needs are very well met, thank you. Mon Feb 13 20:17:21 2017

@Wildthing1: @PetTheSoo @StilesBH24 I got all the wood you two can handle. Mon Feb 13 20:11:58 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 ... I want his thatch too. I need it for building! Mon Feb 13 20:07:23 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo You don't want his thatch. You want his wood. Mon Feb 13 19:52:38 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 ... At least somebody is. >.> Mon Feb 13 19:51:50 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo I filled your beaver with thatch. Mon Feb 13 19:51:19 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wildthing1 @StilesBH24 #LowHangers Sun Feb 12 03:10:59 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wildthing1 @StilesBH24 We are nuts, it's why you love us. We're a real pair. Sun Feb 12 03:10:47 2017

@Wildthing1: @StilesBH24 @PetTheSoo I take it back U guys R nerds. #ARKSux #Fallout4Rules Sun Feb 12 02:28:39 2017

@StilesBH24: @WildThing1 @PetTheSoo #shitARKsays Sun Feb 12 02:26:34 2017

@Wildthing1: @StilesBH24 @PetTheSoo U guys R nuts. Sun Feb 12 02:18:01 2017

@PetTheSoo: @BHHSAthletics @StilesBH24 ... I'm uncomfortable. Sun Feb 12 02:04:50 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 That is 'sir and/or madam' to you. Sun Feb 12 02:04:19 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo @BHHSAthletics OH GOD COACH WHY Sun Feb 12 02:03:57 2017

@BHHSAthletics: @PetTheSoo I will not apologize for getting some tail, sir. Sun Feb 12 02:03:02 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 You're the one that shot her ass. Sun Feb 12 02:02:38 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo You dino-stud, you. Sun Feb 12 01:59:41 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Elizabeth Van Dyne II is sated, that's all you need to know. Sun Feb 12 01:57:17 2017

@StilesBH24: What happens in the Pack Attack base is my business, too, @PetTheSoo Sun Feb 12 01:56:28 2017

@PetTheSoo: What I and my dinosaurs do in the privacy of our base... Sun Feb 12 01:55:37 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Are you stuffing the dinos full of meat? Sun Feb 12 01:55:16 2017

@PetTheSoo: HATCH ALL THE EGGS Sun Feb 12 01:53:55 2017

@PetTheSoo: Come on, egg, hatch! I LONG FOR MOTHERHOOD!!! Sat Feb 11 20:57:00 2017

@StilesBH24: Survived English w/o detention. Woo! #BHHS Mon Feb 06 14:39:48 2017

@PetTheSoo: Starting my own clothing line. Soo Fashionable. Get it? No... now I'm sad. Sun Feb 05 10:45:53 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Nope, it was me. #Freedom Mon Jan 30 16:50:09 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 ... Was... was it me? Mon Jan 30 15:50:25 2017

@StilesBH24: So guess who got detention for covering for @2rueAlpha ... #ItWasMe Mon Jan 30 15:36:29 2017

@PetTheSoo: @2rueAlpha @StilesBH24 Scott... it's cute that you believe that. <3 Mon Jan 30 14:13:27 2017

@2rueAlpha: @PetTheSoo @StilesBH24 It's not like she's gonna hunt me down. #StillLaws #CreeperTeacher Mon Jan 30 14:05:17 2017

@PetTheSoo: @2rueAlpha @StilesBH24 Have I taught you nothing? Ignoring/running from cat=bad. Attracts attention. #GLHF Mon Jan 30 13:55:50 2017

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 I did my homework! You can turn it in. That'll make her less mad right? #ILeftItInYourLocker #ITotallyDidntPlanThis #YesIDid Mon Jan 30 13:51:17 2017

@StilesBH24: Dude, @2trueAlpha -- she will totally know, but I got your back. Mon Jan 30 13:50:29 2017

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 True love would be covering for my absence. #ReallyLoveMyBro #TakeTheHit #SheWontKillYouImSure Mon Jan 30 13:48:19 2017

@StilesBH24: @2rueAlpha Because I love you and am concerned for you, obviously. #LoveMyBro #WinterIsCreeping Mon Jan 30 13:46:41 2017

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 Why do you insist on reminding me? #ClassOfNoneOfThisCrap Mon Jan 30 13:44:20 2017

@StilesBH24: Almost time... #EnglishClass #BHHS #ClassOf2017 @2rueAlpha Mon Jan 30 13:39:00 2017

@StilesBH24: @2rueAlpha Like I said before... #HotGirlProblems Mon Jan 23 13:36:15 2017

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 Dude I can't unsee her eyes anymore Mon Jan 23 13:35:20 2017

@StilesBH24: Got your back. #CreeperTeacher @2rueAlpha Mon Jan 23 13:34:10 2017

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 But I'll be there Mon Jan 23 13:32:55 2017

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 NO Mon Jan 23 13:32:45 2017

@StilesBH24: Ready for English class in 20, @2rueAlpha ...? Mon Jan 23 13:31:49 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo @2rueAlpha #HotGirlProblems Tue Jan 17 14:53:20 2017

@2rueAlpha: @PetTheSoo @StilesBH24 I'm having a Day ok! A Tuesday Day! Tue Jan 17 14:51:00 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo @2rueAlpha Of course you pick his side. #Traitor Tue Jan 17 14:50:32 2017

@2rueAlpha: @PetTheSoo @StilesBH24 I'm with Soo. Tue Jan 17 14:48:03 2017

@PetTheSoo: @2rueAlpha @StilesBH24 TELL HIM Tue Jan 17 14:46:32 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Okay, okay. #TuesdaysAreEvil Tue Jan 17 14:40:10 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 IT'S TOTALLY A THING OK Tue Jan 17 14:37:16 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo I'm pretty sure that's not a thing. Tue Jan 17 14:32:24 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Could you NOT remind the fates it's Tuesday? It seems like everything goes to shit on Tuesday! Tue Jan 17 14:23:16 2017

@StilesBH24: How is it only Tuesday? I swear it's been at least a week since Sunday. Tue Jan 17 14:21:05 2017

@BubbleGumBanshee: @PetTheSoo @2rueAlpha ... Shaaaade. Wed Jan 04 13:45:56 2017

@2rueAlpha: @PetTheSoo jk jk! Wed Jan 04 13:45:01 2017

@2rueAlpha: @PetTheSoo Who are you? Wed Jan 04 13:44:49 2017

@PetTheSoo: @BHMostWanted @StilesBH24 Just remember me when I've died. Of heartbreak. All alone. Unloved. Wed Jan 04 13:43:18 2017

@LiamLaCrosse: @Bhmostwanted Co-Captain! I don't have a Co-captain on the JV team AND I'm a starter on yours #JustThatGood Wed Jan 04 13:19:08 2017

@StilesBH24: @BHMostWanted @2trueAlpha I will continue to #GetBetter #BHHS Wed Jan 04 08:48:03 2017

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 well you keep whining about how often coach benches you #getbetter #loveyoubro Wed Jan 04 08:37:01 2017

@BHMostWanted: @StilesBH24 Soooo sappy @2rueAlpha better put on his big boy pants LOL Wed Jan 04 08:34:40 2017

@StilesBH24: @2rueAlpha gonna get back in the game too #BHHS Wed Jan 04 08:26:58 2017

@StilesBH24: Also I love you @DevilUKno and @Sourwolf Wed Jan 04 08:26:09 2017

@StilesBH24: @BHMostWanted Dude @PetTheSoo @DevilUKno will kick our asses. #JustFriendsForever Wed Jan 04 08:25:11 2017

@BHMostWanted: @StilesBH24 Times like this I remember why we almost got married #AlltheT Wed Jan 04 08:12:50 2017

@StilesBH24: @BHMostWanted You're... a T-rex? #BreakingNews #DinoDanger @PetTheSoo Wed Jan 04 08:11:26 2017

@BHHSAthletics: @BHMostWanted YES! That's what I like to see! Wed Jan 04 07:58:55 2017

@BHMostWanted: @StilesBH24 I'M THE CAPTAIN Wed Jan 04 07:55:26 2017

@StilesBH24: @BHMostWanted You are a slavedriver. #AlreadyInPain Wed Jan 04 07:52:02 2017

@BHMostWanted: @PetTheSoo & @StilesBH24 are gonna kick your asses thx 2 my training Wed Jan 04 07:50:13 2017

@BHMostWanted: Be ready for more practice now school's going to be back in session! #BowB4theCapn Wed Jan 04 07:49:36 2017

@BHHSAthletics: @LiamLaCrosse @Wildthing1 You two disturb me on multiple levels. Don't get flabby over the break! #HappyHolidays Fri Dec 30 06:34:28 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesbh24 OMG Someone gave me their class ring! We're going to the Sockhop next weekend #actuallythrilled #Notgivingitback Fri Dec 30 05:58:48 2016

@Wildthing1: Guess who's back and badder than before! #Being18Rules Fri Dec 30 05:55:24 2016

@StilesBH24: @Wildthing1 #TMI Tue Dec 27 03:49:52 2016

@Wildthing1: I'm not a baby! I can date whoever I want! #LifeIsUnfair #IHaveNeeds Tue Dec 27 03:30:09 2016

@PetTheSoo: @BHHSAthletics ... Thanks, NotCoach. Mon Dec 19 21:20:21 2016

@BHHSAthletics: @PetTheSoo Park you never need my permission to pee. Just promise to put on clean pants afterwards. #NotCoach #DefinitelyNotCoach Mon Dec 19 21:10:18 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo That's because high school. #BHHS Mon Dec 19 21:03:37 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Well it's not like I know what I wanna be when I grow up. Still have to ask permission to pee! Mon Dec 19 21:02:51 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Knowing you it would be more like Cats Gone Wild. Mon Dec 19 20:56:03 2016

@PetTheSoo: @BubbleGumBanshee @StilesBH24 Fine. I'll live out 'Coyote Ugly' instead. Mon Dec 19 20:37:38 2016

@BubbleGumBanshee: @PetTheSoo @StilesBH24 You're not allowed to live out the plot to a movie older than you. Mon Dec 19 17:27:59 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Don't tell me, tell @BubbleGumBanshee :P Mon Dec 19 17:25:39 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 College will be that thing you guys do and tell me about while I live out the plot of Showgirls. Mon Dec 19 17:24:36 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 I barely survived high school. Mon Dec 19 17:24:24 2016

@Wildthing1: OMG R PPL STILL TWEETING? #ilovethefuture Mon Dec 19 17:23:15 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Dude #college Mon Dec 19 17:21:27 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Are you kidding? Once we finish those, we're /done/! Graduated! I'mma be a stripper! Mon Dec 19 17:20:47 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo We just survived midterms. I can't think about FINALS finals yet! Mon Dec 19 17:18:12 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 The finals are never over. They're watching, waiting, for their revenge. #May2017 Mon Dec 19 17:15:51 2016

@StilesBH24: Well thank god at least finals are over. #BHHS #WinterBreak2016 Mon Dec 19 15:14:41 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo 2016 can bite my ass. Tue Dec 13 01:10:18 2016

@PetTheSoo: Finally work up the courage... and then weird crap happens again. #So2016 Tue Dec 13 01:09:51 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Ask me after class. Fri Dec 09 05:49:18 2016

@PetTheSoo: @stilesbh24 Okay but I need to know later. Fri Dec 09 05:48:37 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo I'm pretty sure we shouldn't tell people that story. Fri Dec 09 05:48:06 2016

@PetTheSoo: ... Does anyone know why Hobo Bob just ran screaming 'Not again!' when he saw me...? Fri Dec 09 05:43:42 2016

@Wildthing2: Beacon Hills WE ARE IN YOU. #HomeAgainHomeAgain #LookOutBHHS Fri Dec 09 04:45:24 2016

@BubbleGumBanshee: @PetTheSoo @StilesBH24 I've literally seen it all before. #GloryDays Fri Dec 09 00:19:13 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Oh like I'm worried about that!!! Fri Dec 09 00:16:28 2016

@StilesBH24: @BubbleGumBanshee @PetTheSoo Dude just resend it. Lydia doesn't care. Fri Dec 09 00:15:55 2016

@PetTheSoo: ... Would seppuku be considered cultural appropriation? Asking for a friend. Fri Dec 09 00:15:37 2016

@BubbleGumBanshee: ... You sent that to me, Soo. Fri Dec 09 00:13:39 2016

@StilesBH24: @BubbleGumBanshee @PetTheSoo This should be good! Fri Dec 09 00:12:47 2016

@PetTheSoo: Oh god I did it. Wake me up when December ends! Fri Dec 09 00:11:56 2016

@PetTheSoo: @BubbleGumBanshee @StilesBH24 Girls, girls, you're both pretty!!! Fri Dec 09 00:10:22 2016

@BubbleGumBanshee: @StilesBH24 @PetTheSoo #YouAREnerds Fri Dec 09 00:10:00 2016

@StilesBH24: @BubbleGumBanshee @PetTheSoo #JustSendItAlready #StudyingIsForNerds Fri Dec 09 00:09:02 2016

@BubbleGumBanshee: @PetTheSoo @StilesBH24 #JustSendItAlready #SomeOfUsAreStudying Fri Dec 09 00:08:08 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo You would have anyway. Fri Dec 09 00:07:46 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Okay, but I'm blaming you. Fri Dec 09 00:07:29 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Do it. Fri Dec 09 00:06:20 2016

@PetTheSoo: To send, or not to send, that is the question... Fri Dec 09 00:05:57 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 No more Meatloaf for dinner. Sun Nov 27 20:20:00 2016

@StilesBH24: This time of the week, I always ask myself: Whatever happened to Saturday Night? It wasn't #Meatloaf though. Sat Nov 26 23:47:15 2016

@StilesBH24: THE PIE LIVES! #thanksgiving #success #baking Thu Nov 24 18:04:35 2016

@DevilUKno: That was for @LiamLaCrosse btw Mon Nov 21 01:22:20 2016

@DevilUKno: Botany! Horticulture! Career of the FUTURE #uknowuwant2 Mon Nov 21 01:18:48 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: (Continued) irplane Repo? Mon Nov 21 01:17:43 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesbh24 ... okay a couple of the booths were for like 10 careers I got them all. Should I be a submarine chef? Or Maybe a Pearl Diver? A Mon Nov 21 01:17:42 2016

@StilesBH24: Where was @2rueAlpha during #BHHSCareerDayNov2016? @PetTheSoo told that story. (Sorry, Scott.) Mon Nov 21 01:07:42 2016

@StilesBH24: I'm pretty sure @LiamLaCrosse was warping spacetime back there. #BHHSCareerDayNov2016 Mon Nov 21 01:06:30 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: 437 Pamphlets.... How did that many booths even fit? Mon Nov 21 01:03:45 2016

@StilesBH24: These materials from #BHHSCareerDayNov2016 sure are interesting! I learned a lot in school on Friday. Mon Nov 21 00:55:34 2016

@QueenCordy: New info abt old case! Thx @WHLawSF for renewing interest! Let's have some REAL #Justice4Faith #NoManhunt Mon Nov 14 22:25:45 2016

@StilesBH24: I know Faith Lehane, and she's not a murderer. #Justice4Faith Mon Nov 14 21:32:16 2016

@StilesBH24: @LiamLaCrosse Dream all you want! Just trust me: This was mouthful-of-dustbunnies awkward, not sexyfuntimes. Thu Nov 10 05:03:43 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesBh24 I've been single almost a year. Let me dream man let me dream. Thu Nov 10 05:00:54 2016

@StilesBH24: @LiamLaCrosse Don't make it weird, Liam. Thu Nov 10 04:55:58 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesBh24 Sterek? Thu Nov 10 04:51:31 2016

@StilesBH24: TFW you wake up half under the bed wondering how you got there. Thu Nov 10 04:50:00 2016

@BubbleGumBanshee: @PetTheSoo I'm taking away your Photoshop privileges until you learn to use it responsibly. Tue Oct 11 12:21:52 2016

@PetTheSoo: (Badly Photoshopped Image Of Stiles' Head on Prom Queen Body) Mon Oct 10 23:35:56 2016

@DevilUKno: Voting @StilesBH24 for Official HC Princess #Homecoming2016 Mon Oct 10 23:08:17 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 <3 Mon Oct 10 23:07:14 2016

@StilesBH24: @DevilUKno I might just take you up on that. #Homecoming2016 Mon Oct 10 23:07:13 2016

@StilesBH24: @BubbleGumBanshee #TrueStory Mon Oct 10 23:05:21 2016

@DevilUKno: @StilesBH24 I have a couple of spare fucks if you want em #Homecoming2016 Mon Oct 10 23:05:02 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Damn. Spoilered my own gift. #HappyBirthday Mon Oct 10 23:03:44 2016

@BubbleGumBanshee: @DawnofSummer Oh, honey. It wouldn't be fair if I ran. Mon Oct 10 22:55:26 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Wait, you got me a t-shirt? Mon Oct 10 22:54:22 2016

@DawnofSummer: ...kind of fun. #Homecoming2016 #stupidcharacterlimit Mon Oct 10 18:10:47 2016

@DawnofSummer: @StilesBH24 I don't care much about the king or queen stuff, (but you'll have my vote @BubbleGumBanshee if you run), but the rest seems kind Mon Oct 10 17:55:47 2016

@StilesBH24: @LiamLaCrosse You know Coach reads these, right? #CreeperCoach #NeverTweetGreenberg Mon Oct 10 17:24:10 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesbh24 Don't look at me #goingstag #Dancingwitheveryone #Spikingthepunch? Mon Oct 10 17:22:16 2016

@StilesBH24: Now in the market for any spare fucks people have to give #Homecoming2016 #NoDoubleMeaningHere Mon Oct 10 17:17:44 2016

@StilesBH24: Coach has reminded me that I'm obligated to care about #Homecoming2016 Mon Oct 10 17:17:05 2016

@StilesBH24: Oh, wait. I never had any to start with. Nevermind, just kidding! #Homecoming2016 Mon Oct 10 15:31:21 2016

@StilesBH24: Seriously, people, all the fucks I have to give about #Homecoming2016 are up for grabs. Get 'em while they're hot! Mon Oct 10 15:30:42 2016

@StilesBH24: Holy crap, it's Homecoming? I'm out of time to get rid of all my fucks before it starts! #Homecoming2016 Mon Oct 10 15:30:02 2016

@StilesBH24: Happy birthday, @PetTheSoo -- made it to 18 in BH, and all you got was this stupid T-shirt! Mon Oct 10 15:29:03 2016

@StilesBH24: @Sweet_Molly Isn't that the vampire version of Mardi Gras? You really want to ask #Whatisnormal come to #BeaconHills sometime. Mon Oct 10 03:21:42 2016

@Sweet_Molly: Man, that St. Vigeous thing last week was weird, when did my life get so odd? #Whatisnormal Mon Oct 10 03:18:05 2016

@StilesBH24: When you wake up from a homework nightmare. #Horrified Thu Sep 01 04:27:13 2016

@StilesBH24: I'm pretty sure the science department has been practicing the black arts for years. #EvilED Wed Aug 31 15:48:03 2016

@BubbleGumBanshee: @StilesBH24 Wait literally or figuratively? Wed Aug 31 15:42:50 2016

@StilesBH24: Senior year, day three. Still alive, despite attempts by teachers to turn us all into zombies. #Left4ED Wed Aug 31 15:39:58 2016

@StilesBH24: When the librarian kicks you out of the reference section because you're asking about "fiction." Fri Jul 29 13:22:18 2016

@TotallyAwesomeColtBradford: I totally wanna see the #Aliens! That would be awesome! Fri Jul 22 17:06:26 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Knowing our luck? Probably the incinerate-us-from-the-sky kind. Fri Jul 22 14:29:24 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 The tentacle kind, or the evil-penz0r-tiny-mouth-inside-the-bigger-mouth kind? 'Cause one is less okay than the other. Fri Jul 22 14:16:13 2016

@StilesBH24: The #BeaconHillsPreserve is totally #Haunted by #Aliens for sure. Fri Jul 22 14:14:20 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Don't do that. They probably really are. o.o Fri Jul 22 00:29:18 2016

@StilesBH24: Power's out here. #BeaconHills #They'reHeeeeeeeere Thu Jul 21 21:10:56 2016

@DawnofSummer: Look who I just met! <Selfie of Dawn with Colt Bradford kissing her cheek.> @TotallyAwesomeColtBradford Mon Jun 27 23:23:43 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Pics or no can do Thu Jun 23 16:42:36 2016

@PetTheSoo: I... may have made a mistake with hair dye. Not sure. Someone tell me I'm still pretty? ;.; Thu Jun 23 16:39:36 2016

@TotallyAwesomeColtBradford: Summer hiatus is totally awesome! Thu Jun 23 12:02:32 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Don't you tell that story! Tue Jun 21 19:12:55 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Oh I dunno there could be some #TruthInHumor Tue Jun 21 19:12:11 2016

@PetTheSoo: Some people have summer loving, I get summer part time job. I miss being a hooker! #JustKidding #ThePaySucked Tue Jun 21 19:10:02 2016

@TotallyAwesomeColtBradford: Getting tired of sushi. Gotta hire a cook soon. Mon Jun 20 22:46:54 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 ... Okay, Silver2. >.> Mon Jun 13 23:23:18 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo That's not even funny. :| Mon Jun 13 23:19:30 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 I will hack your LoL account and drop you to /Bronze/. Mon Jun 13 23:15:51 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Make me! Emoji-tongue Mon Jun 13 23:11:03 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Young lady, you behave! Mon Jun 13 23:04:55 2016

@StilesBH24: Pool hall on a Monday night. #MustBeSummer Mon Jun 13 22:46:25 2016

@StilesBH24: Happy Saturday, and good night. Sat Apr 23 02:21:46 2016

@StilesBH24: Happy birthday to me! #TheBig18 Fri Apr 08 07:04:28 2016

@StilesBH24: Al... most... free... Wed Mar 30 14:48:50 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Oh god. I thought I was the only one. #WaitWhat Sat Feb 27 19:42:01 2016

@PetTheSoo: Then... other stuff? Sat Feb 27 19:40:38 2016

@PetTheSoo: Then you're making out with the hamburger... Sat Feb 27 19:40:32 2016

@PetTheSoo: Do you ever have one of those dreams where you're eating a hamburger... Sat Feb 27 19:40:23 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo A little paint and your birds should be good as new. #ARKproblems Thu Feb 04 00:05:14 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Mindwipe it and put all the points in health. #SlowButUnkillable Wed Feb 03 22:37:39 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Goddamnit. We're taming you a level 99 now. Wed Feb 03 22:35:24 2016

@PetTheSoo: Dear ARK. Could you stop murdering my birds? KthxBye. Wed Feb 03 22:32:04 2016

@StilesBH24: What is it about 3AM? #WideAwake Wed Feb 03 03:50:30 2016

@StilesBH24: It's three AM. I must be hungry. #IWantPizza Mon Feb 01 04:03:00 2016

@StilesBH24: So ends another fascinating day of education. #zzz Wed Jan 20 16:29:31 2016

@StilesBH24: Hoping for a #SnowDay here! Tue Jan 19 05:46:03 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 #HITTHEBRAKES!!!! Mon Jan 18 20:18:12 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo FOR DEMACIA! #LOL Mon Jan 18 20:14:34 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 You, me. league. smashing nubs. k? Mon Jan 18 20:11:07 2016

@PetTheSoo: #ShadyShade at that. Sat Jan 16 19:17:06 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo That's #Shade ...right? Sat Jan 16 18:08:31 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Suuuure. Sat Jan 16 18:05:03 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Yeah that I can do without. #NoBallsToTheFace Fri Jan 15 15:11:56 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 At least we're not being subjected to dodgeball... #BallsToTheFace Fri Jan 15 14:01:27 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Yay fifth period? At least it's #Friday ...? Fri Jan 15 13:59:28 2016

@PetTheSoo: This is the day that never ends! Fri Jan 15 13:58:00 2016

@StilesBH24: @LiamLaCrosse Secret's safe with me. #OMGirony Wed Jan 13 18:13:22 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesbh24 Don't Tell everyone its Powerbar Wednesday! All the good flavors will be sold out! Wed Jan 13 18:02:39 2016

@StilesBH24: @DevilUKno I know somebody with a special day. #IKnowASecret Wed Jan 13 17:57:37 2016

@2rueAlpha: Liam sleeps? Liam SHAVES?! #shock #allgrownup Wed Jan 13 17:19:55 2016

@StilesBH24: @LiamLacrosse Don't test me, pup. I know where you sleep. #revenge Wed Jan 13 17:18:34 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: @StilesBh24 Other than the shavingcream mustaches and pictures on my cellphone? Wed Jan 13 17:10:59 2016

@StilesBH24: I'm not taking a nap in the library. You have no proof. Wed Jan 13 17:09:56 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Pics or gtfo. Wed Jan 13 07:18:09 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: @GreyDemon No one will ever believe you did what I asked. Wed Jan 13 05:57:30 2016

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 @LiamLacrosse told me to say it. #innocentyoungerbrother Wed Jan 13 05:47:57 2016

@StilesBH24: @GreyDemon I'm telling him you said that. #busted Wed Jan 13 05:46:39 2016

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Isn't he like 40? #oldwolf Wed Jan 13 05:38:18 2016

@StilesBH24: @GreyDemon Don't be jealous of my @Sourwolf #love Wed Jan 13 05:23:29 2016

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 @LiamLacrosse ... #mentalyscarred Wed Jan 13 05:20:58 2016

@StilesBH24: @LiamLacrosse Nobody needs to see that. #NOPE Wed Jan 13 05:19:39 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: @StilesBh24 Don't ruin Starwars! #EthanInSlaveLeiaCostume That's my job. Wed Jan 13 05:18:56 2016

@StilesBH24: @GreyDemon the lightsaber is his... Emoji-halo Wed Jan 13 05:17:44 2016

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Is lightsaberfun a euphanism? Wed Jan 13 05:16:32 2016

@StilesBH24: That moment when your boyfriend uses a STAR WARS pickup line on you. #lightsaberfun Wed Jan 13 05:15:13 2016

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 Ummm, no comment. #NotTelling Sun Jan 03 15:17:44 2016

@StilesBH24: @2rueAlpha @Sourwolf is NOT boring! And I bet Movie Boy isn't so boring either. Sun Jan 03 15:16:42 2016

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 I like boring. Boring is good. Like history. Or Derek. You LIKE boring. Sun Jan 03 15:13:54 2016

@StilesBH24: @2rueAlpha Oh it so is! #BeaconHills #NotBoringAnymore Sun Jan 03 15:11:58 2016

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 ... Yes. BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT! Sun Jan 03 15:10:39 2016

@StilesBH24: @2rueAlpha That would be so cool if it didn't kill us! Sun Jan 03 15:08:41 2016

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 Great, now we're going to get time traveling bad guys. Sun Jan 03 15:07:04 2016

@StilesBH24: OMG we made it to 2016. #BeaconHills Sun Jan 03 15:05:50 2016

@StilesBH24: @Sourwolf Fine I'll bake more tomorrow. Oh god I'm becoming @Wildthing1. #Whipped Sat Nov 28 02:34:51 2015

@StilesBH24: @2rueAlpha Lots more pie here at casa de @Sourwolf -- bring drinks. #Sharing Sat Nov 28 02:29:01 2015

@Sourwolf: @StilesBH24 I ate the last of the cake. Want more. Only your cake. Sat Nov 28 02:27:23 2015

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 Walk it off. Not like it's going to kill you! #CoachFinstock #Lifecoach #Nosharing? #Greedy Sat Nov 28 02:26:18 2015

@StilesBH24: Oh god what have I done. #MidnightPie #SoFull Sat Nov 28 02:22:45 2015

@GreyDemonWildthing1 Not according to my calender. #DaFuture Sat Nov 07 02:32:43 2015

@Wildthing1: Nice going, @StilesBH24 -- his birthday is -tomorrow-! #surprisespoiled #cakewasperfect Sat Nov 07 02:31:22 2015

@StilesBH24: @2trueAlpha Beware the Dark Side. #DammitWatchStarWars Mon Nov 02 20:31:18 2015

@2rueAlpha: Wilfred disapproves! @StilesBH24 Mon Nov 02 20:22:38 2015

@StilesBH24: Oh god the carnage. #Candypocalypse #IFeelSick #WhyGodWhy Mon Nov 02 20:20:38 2015

@StilesBH24: You've got vampires, werewolves, and then the real beasts. #midterms Mon Nov 02 12:47:54 2015

@StilesBH24: @Wildthing1 Do you even know what TMI means? #TMI #OMG Sun Nov 01 02:44:46 2015

@Wildthing1: Being the middle spoon is actually a lotta fun! #tmi #hotnsticky #besthalloweenever Sun Nov 01 02:44:10 2015

@Wildthing1: Is it really cheating if you're wearing a mask? #halloweenrules #lethan4ever Sat Oct 31 23:30:48 2015

@StilesBH24: No matter how crazy things get, there's always a new normal. Wed Oct 21 14:37:48 2015

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 What could possibly go wrong? #DudeItsBeaconHills Mon Sep 21 14:41:36 2015

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 No work tonight, we should! Bring Sourwolf if you want. Mon Sep 21 14:40:09 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 We run out of potatoes? #MiddleEarthProblems Wed Sep 16 11:30:42 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 *shrugs* #Probably Wed Sep 16 11:26:47 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Grey whoops, starts work on aquiring @StilesBH24's weight in tots. #This'llTakeSomePlanning Wed Sep 16 11:22:26 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 I can pay you in gum? Or tater tots? #BestICanOffer Wed Sep 16 11:15:18 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Grey can play you in protection? #You'veSeenMyAngryFace Wed Sep 16 11:08:46 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Still wanna take my history classes? #DoublePlease? Wed Sep 16 11:04:48 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Wanna swap? I do your gym classes you do my history? #Pleeeeeeeeeeeease? Wed Sep 16 11:02:46 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 It is? What History class are you taking? #StilesMightBeCrazy Wed Sep 16 07:22:54 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 I just did with History, teacher won't even let me nap though it anymore. #WhatsHisProblem? Wed Sep 16 07:20:05 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 I have history first period. #ThinkYouGotItBad? Wed Sep 16 07:15:52 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Wouldn't be supprised. #WhoNeedsToPrayThatMuch? Mon Sep 14 14:08:27 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Seriously dude, we had like 43 churches within city limits. #TheTruthIsOutThere Mon Sep 14 14:04:50 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Sure, an 'earthquake'. #SunnydaleSyndromeLivesOn Mon Sep 14 13:52:44 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Cause high school is evil? #RememberSunnydaleHigh Mon Sep 14 13:50:28 2015

@SecretOrbs: Who knew there were so many vampires in SF? #demonsuck #OTPSpiver Sat Sep 12 02:05:02 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Just yours or eveyones? #WhoIsListening? Wed Sep 09 08:13:40 2015

@Wildthing1: @StilesBH24, We could just ditch and hang at my place. Not like my folks will object. #orphanproblems #lonelysingletwin Wed Sep 09 02:42:45 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Want a bathroom flood to shut down the school for the day? #TheseThingsHappen Wed Sep 09 02:40:24 2015

@Wildthing2: @Wildthing1 Dude TMI. But congrats. #betteryouthanme #happybeingfree Thu Sep 05 16:13:25 2015

@Wildthing1: @Wildthing2, guess who fell in a hole? #igotmine #lithan4ever Thu Sep 05 16:09:15 2015

@Wildthing1: @StilesBH24, you so need to get laid. #evennerdsneedlove Mon Sep 02 16:56:37 2015

@Wildthing1: @StilesBH24, ask your boyfriend. #sterekOTP Wed Aug 28 23:20:48 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 No, no you don't. #MovingToAlaska Wed Aug 28 23:18:58 2015

@Wildthing1: Welcome to Beacon Hills, @GreyDemon. #weirdsh*thappens #watchurbutt Wed Aug 28 23:12:36 2015

@GreyDemonHell of a weird night. #TheF**kWasThat?! Wed Aug 28 23:10:24 2015

@GreyDemonSitting at the back, he took a call, slipped out window. #WhatsTheWorstThatCanHappen? Wed Aug 28 15:51:40 2015

@Wildthing1: Watson's a stickler for attendance. Better stay till the bitter end. #afterschoolpizza? Wed Aug 28 15:49:59 2015

@GreyDemonWildthing1 Excellent, don't need to stick around then. #LeavingClass #AnyoneElseOut? Wed Aug 28 15:48:56 2015

@Wildthing1: Watson's a poser. When Juliet is asking Why must you be a Montague, my family's sworn enemy? #acedEngLit #cantutor Wed Aug 28 15:47:21 2015

@GreyDemonThen someone should tell the dude at the front. #StupidTeacher #KillMeNow Wed Aug 28 15:42:09 2015

@Wildthing1: It doesn't. It means Why are you? As is, why is your name Romeo (Montague)? Wed Aug 28 15:40:40 2015

@GreyDemonEnglish Lit is kicking my ass, how does wherefore art thou mean who are you? #SpeakEnglishShakespeare Wed Aug 28 15:37:34 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Gotta assume we're being punished for some past life misdeed. #WhateverItWasI'mSorry Sun Aug 25 09:37:04 2015

@Wildthing2: @Wildthing1: GAG! #glad2Bsingle #noPITAsmartgirls Sat Aug 24 22:28:48 2015

@Wildthing1: I only date adorkable jocks. #missingmybaby #lithan4ever Sat Aug 24 22:27:19 2015

@Wildthing2: Will you two stop flirting? #best@ssever #bitemybigone Sat Aug 24 22:15:51 2015

@Wildthing1: @StilesBH24, leave my butt out of it! #buttclaimed #lithan4ever Sat Aug 24 22:08:52 2015

@GreyDemonLunch looks interesting? #WhatTheHellIsTheMysteryMeat? Sat Aug 24 14:34:05 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Got it, do the reading. #WhatsAGreenberg? #AndWhyIsCoachSoAngryAtIt? Sat Aug 24 12:22:02 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Booze and sadness? I was wondering what that smell was. #ThanksMan #WishMeLuck Sat Aug 24 12:17:07 2015

@GreyDemonAnyone know where economics is? #LostAgain Sat Aug 24 12:13:25 2015

@-=DJRudeboy=-: Beacon Hills, hell of a place. Lots of able bodies doing what able bodies do. #typicalloozurs #landofopportunity Sat Aug 24 11:50:13 2015

@Wildthing2: School is lame. #nottakingmath Sat Aug 24 05:05:24 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Thanks! Owe you a soda! #LifeSaver #WannaMakeAGoodImpression Sat Aug 24 03:58:52 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesBh24 Yeah I'm good All ready.. #mixedbag More worried about my bro the last few days have been Hectic not sure IF he's gonna be able Sat Aug 24 03:58:38 2015

@GreyDemonFirst day at Beacon Hills High! Already forgot what goes with the stripes! #HelpMe Sat Aug 24 03:54:27 2015

@Wildthing1: Shopping with my baby. #macysrules #lithan4ever #makeout@foodcourt Thu Aug 22 12:36:45 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @wildthing1 Not at school till you're there too #sout #littlespoon #lithan4ever Thu Aug 22 02:04:55 2015

@Wildthing1: Out boyfriends are the best. #luvmypup #lithan4ever Thu Aug 22 02:03:16 2015

@GreyDemonWow, that can be taken way wrong... Wed Aug 21 05:50:31 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesbh24 I didn't mean I mean... Help #contemplatingcelibacy Wed Aug 21 05:45:02 2015

@Wildthing1: Sounds good to me, if the Ball and Chain will let me out. #tiedup #mybabyiskinky #lithan4ever Wed Aug 21 05:43:25 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesbh24 I'll be there #Ethanistiedupatthemoment Wed Aug 21 05:42:37 2015

@Wildthing1: @StilesBH24 We could get in on that action. Whaddya say, @LiamLaCrosse? Up for a little 5way? Wed Aug 21 05:40:37 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesbh24 I uh ... Me and my ... Boyfriend should be there and #Newbro? Might come too. #Comingout Wed Aug 21 05:36:44 2015

@Wildthing1: Making omlettes for my baby and his bro. #lithan4ever #2horny2cook Wed Aug 21 05:35:50 2015

@Wildthing1: @StilesBH24 UR so domesticated. #OTPsterek #totallywhipped Wed Aug 21 05:35:05 2015

@Wildthing1: Just a few more days till I see my baby. #makeoutcity #lithan4ever Sun Aug 18 12:12:56 2015

@Wildthing1: @LiamLaCrosse Another 2 dozen in freezer. Share with others! #missingyou #lithan4ever Fri Aug 16 04:26:08 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @wildthing1 Ate the last of your cookies! #revenge #missingyou Fri Aug 16 04:21:32 2015

@Wildthing1: Trees trees trees mountain trees. #roadtripsux #ORsux #WAsuxmoar Thu Aug 15 15:36:28 2015

@Wildthing1: Missing my baby. #roadtripsux #lithan4ever Tue Aug 13 02:30:15 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesbh24 Think I left my books at your place and my chapstick #totallyinnocent Mon Aug 12 04:15:18 2015

@Wildthing1: @LiamLaCrosse lies like a rug. #kissesweeterthanwine #@StilesBH24isjealous Mon Aug 12 04:12:33 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: Studying with friends before school starts #totallyinnocent Mon Aug 12 04:09:59 2015

@Wildthing1: Underwater kisses are the best. #skinnydipping@school #lithan4ever Mon Aug 12 04:06:35 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @StilesBH24 I don't need to get any better #imjustthatgood Mon Aug 12 04:04:40 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: Tired of running. #BEING15SUX Mon Aug 12 03:08:41 2015

@Wildthing1: Hale, I get it now. Sorry, man. #lovestinks #@StilesBH24sux Mon Aug 12 02:21:59 2015

@Wildthing1: OMG @stilesBH24. You will not live this down. #spicegirls #suchaspaz Sun Aug 11 17:24:33 2015

@Wildthing1: He said yes! <3 Boyfriends rock. #truelove #lithan4ever Sat Aug 10 18:22:57 2015

@Hail2tehKingBB: Missing: One favorite shirt. Can anyone help me to find? #friendinneed #friendindeed #verygratful Sat Aug 10 17:39:07 2015

@Hail2tehKingBB: Accepted job as new gym teacher and assistant lacrosse coach. #goteamgo #dropandgiveme20 Sat Aug 10 07:06:44 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesBH24 I didn't link it did I? Also #spicegirls Fri Aug 09 23:01:44 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesBH24 Found your old youtube channel #SoBored #Suchaspaz Fri Aug 09 22:56:48 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: Sitting around house #sobored Fri Aug 09 22:36:49 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @wildthing1 #suchaspaz #revenge Fri Aug 09 06:50:51 2015

@Wildthing1: Double date with my guy. #whatisbowling #lithan4ever Thu Aug 08 04:32:25 2015

@Wildthing1: Weird encounter at Lookout Point. #hungrylikethewolf #lionsleepstonight Wed Aug 07 23:14:39 2015

@2rueAlpha: Another year, another psycho. #bringiton Wed Aug 07 06:33:54 2015

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