In ancient days, long before the dawn of humankind, the ancient Daemons were among the Old Ones to walk the Earth. In time, they faded from the world, and some believe their legacy still continues in the forms of the fae and various extraplanar "demons." One of the more terrible Daemons was known by many names, but always spoken of fearfully. Posterity would recall this creature as The Beast Who Must Not Be Named and various similar translations. This Beast was cast out of Earth long before the Daemons faded, banished to a hell-dimension by a tribunal of other Daemons, and was not heard from again for eons.

In somewhat less ancient days, a group of monks formed the Order of Dagon. Their purpose was to guard an ancient mystic artifact known as "The Key" against those who would turn its power to evil. When "The Beast" mysteriously reappeared in 2016, it sought to steal the power of The Key for its own ends. The monks, before most of their number were slain by the Beast, transformed the Key into a human shape and sent it to the one place they felt it would be most safe, both from The Beast and other dangerous power-players in the world. They sent it into the keeping of Slayer Buffy Summers.

The Beast still seeks its Key, and it draws ever nearer to discovering where it's been hidden. Already, signs in Beacon Hills show that the seeker draws near to its target. The Beast's true agenda remains unknown, but whatever its purposes are, one can expect that no good will come of them.

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