An Uncommonly Clever Demon


Okay, officially over the foreplay. Satisfy me or I please myself.

Meg Masters is a demon from Hell currently favoring a young woman from the midwest as a host. She has a bone to pick with her Father and is interested in meeting anyone else who loves demon (or monster) hunting.

Personality Edit

Meg is rather laid back, though easily bored she isn't usually quick to anger. She does however hold a grudge and isn't likely to forgive or forget. Often playful and sarcastic, even towards those she means harm, Meg can be hard to read. What she really thinks and wants is a mystery. Despite being a demon she seems capable of emotions her kind usually either doesn't experience or chooses not to indulge in such as fondness for certain people, her host for example. She's also capable of being incredibly loyal to a cause or person whereas most demons switch sides, and 'ships depending on who has the better offer, or which path is easiest.

Meg on the other hand seems willing to put herself and her precious meatsuit in danger, fight her own darker nature and stand or oppose those far stronger than herself if it supports her cause regardless of whether it's the best deal on the table. She does look out for herself like all demons, she's just able to look out for others as well.




Meg is a demon with superior strength and endurance and able to survive and shrug off things that would stop or kill her human host without blinking. She's good with a knife and her fists, faster than a regular human, and frequently brings her telekinesis to bear as well.



It's not that much of a challenge for a demon to steal things, even from more secure places. Especially not for one with Meg's particular talents. A bit of a disguise spell, or something designed to take out cameras, a little brute force here and there or some ritual teleportation, she's in and out with whatever she needs with little fuss and bother.

To make things more interesting she's taken to stealing from people rather than places. She has a preferred mark, rich and semi clueless young to middle-aged men and women. Meg's even begun acting it up, playing different roles and using different covers and personas. It might seem like a lot of effort for what's usually a few dates or weeks of fleecing but it passes the time, and she gets to screw people over, figuratively and literally. Not one of the worst ways to get by, besides a girl's gotta have a roof over her head if she's gonna stick around somewhere for a while.

Might be nice to have a more of a wardrobe for that matter, and if she's going to be "hunting" some weapons are definitely in order.. She'd also rather avoid the attention of certain parties and running around getting what she needs in the usual manner would definitely not accomplish that.



Meg's spent nearly a hundred years in Hell under the tutelage of her Alastair before being released. She is adept at inflicting torture to get what she wants or needs and equally adept at resisting such methods used on herself.



Meg is well versed in spell craft and a practitioner. She's spent a lot of time and effort in hunting down rare and useful spells, learning how to break a demon trap and bind herself to her host to make exorcism difficult.



Meg has an affinity for and knowledge of spells beyond what is typical for a demon. She has controlled Daeva, possesses a Goblet of Blood, and knows a spell that allows her to form a link between herself and her host, making exorcism a challenge, as well as one that can help her break a demon trap by using magical force to crumble a ceiling or break up the floor.




Meg takes care of her host body and would rather go through the pain and effort of healing damage to it rather than abandoning it for a new one despite the fact this can put her out of action or weaken her for awhile. While possessed her host body is stronger, more durable to damage and even immune to some things such as illnesses and disease. If not killed by violent means, her vessel is unaging and immortal.



Able to possess the bodies of others, Meg generally must do so in order to have a physical body. Moreover, Meg instantly gains all of her host body's memories and knowledge upon possessing them.



Being a demon grants Meg telekinetic powers and she's well practiced with this ability, able to draw objects and people to her or fling them away, hold them pinned to a wall or ceiling and has appeared amidst sudden gusts of air. Her control seems precise or not as needed and she's learned to use this power with spells to increase their effect.




Spirit-form demons from Hell tend to be among the most powerful demons, but they are also kept somewhat in check by the balance of power between the Kingdom of Hell and the Heavenly Host. Specifically where it concerns interacting with mortal humans or other non-supernatural beings, demons are limited in what level of power they can use against normal people without drawing attention from the Angels. Using their stronger powers against ordinary humans tends to bring reprisals from Heaven, which means that demons tend to resort to subtler methods when dealing with mortals. Notably, there are exceptions to this: Within their own personal sanctums or when fulfilling a contract with a human, demons tend to have much more freedom to act.


Meg has no problem with killing, and probably prefers it or at the very least a good fight over non violent means of conflict resolution. If it's a sin or illegal or morally suspect in some manner, she's probably done it, is willing to do it, and doesn't care if someone else does so long as they aren't in her way or opposing whatever it is she wants. Even if she's willing to turn her demonic powers on other monsters instead of humans, or protect a few of those humans, she's still a demon, which leaves her unfettered by the emotional restraint of many other beings. Likewise, she might have trouble understanding someone committing completely selfless acts. If she helps someone or something, it's definitely for a reason and usually a self serving one.


While capable of walking on hallowed ground (albeit with extreme discomfort) Meg is vulnerable to the usual tactics used against her kind. Holy water burns, Holy fire is agonizing. Devil's traps will stop her for a time and if one should be in possession of a sufficiently powerful weapon that can harm spirit-beings, she could certainly be killed by them. She can be exorcised from her vessel if she hasn't used a binding link or by someone skilled enough to realize she's using one and able to damage the link. Angels can kill or smite her, and she's likely to flee from them and higher ranking demons rather than stick around to fight unless given a very good reason not to.


Meg no longer serves Azazel, nor is she loyal to Lucifer or any other faction of Hell, and is on awkward terms with many of her own kind. Being a demon leaves her a potential target for Hunters, Angels, and others who might object to a Demon freely walking the earth. The fact that she's shown herself willing and able to work with or for humans might be puzzling but likely isn't enough to save her from attack if the wrong (or right) people find her. She's yet to form an alliances or partnerships and it would seem is completely on her own for the moment.


Meg seems overly fond of her chosen host body and will go to great lengths to keep it rather than simply abandoning it for another due to great injury or the desire to flee. She and will work through extreme amounts of pain to keep her host.


She's figured out one thing about the world, one simple thing. You find a cause and you serve that cause, you give yourself over to it completely and it orders and structures your life. Azazel's cause was hers and now she's looking for a new one. She's not a leader and doesn't want to be and being alone with no set goal or mission to give her life meaning, Meg has been floundering.


Meg seems able or willing to experience emotions her kind normally avoid. A preference for a certain human host or kind of host isn't unusual among demons but fondness for one might be a bit strange, a willingness to help a human or a group of them without any personal gain certainly is. Especially if you did just because you were bored and it amused you. Demons typically relieve such boredom in more painful, deadly and destructive ways. Now that she's without Azazel's protection this sets her more at odds with the other demons.

Meg's true name is unknown and if asked she'll simply say she's had many. Originally a human, she was condemned to Hell where she eventually transformed into a demon and began training as the Grand Torturer Alastair's apprentice. Meg learned both to inflict and resist torture to great effect. She called the demon Azazel, one of Lucifer's most trusted servants Father. She faithfully served her Father and Lucifer until recently. It's been nearly a year since her last known appearance in Beacon Hills, where Meg's actions to save and protect a group of humans and subsequent disappearance may have drawn interest from certain parties.

In the time since Meg seems to have abandoned Azazel and his plans in favor of going it alone though why she would do such a thing remains a mystery. While serving Azazel Meg studied spells. She was trusted by the yellow-eyed demon and he was "fond" of her, this and the time spent with Alastair lead to her to learning things that put her on a more even footing with demons who out rank her. She can use her telekinesis to cause internal injuries and incredible amounts of pain, teleport at will and has a knowledge of spells that enable her to do things her kind usually can't. Such as resist exorcism or break a demon trap.

Meg met the living vampire known as Benny Lafitte in '07 after his escape from The Pits. She tagged along for a while causing trouble for the vamps. The idea of one of his kind taking down others simply for being what they are and watching him resist his own instincts and needs amused and entertained her. Having recently heard he's settled in San Francisco, Meg's decided to come check things out.

Though not likely to admit it, she's found herself adrift and at a loss over what to do next. If she watches long enough maybe she'll spot a moment when he's in a bit of a bind and can use some help. Preying on the predators appeals to her twisted sense of humor and it's not like she cares if anyone sees her helping a few humans now. If the vampire feels like he owes her a little after, well that'll just be a bonus. Besides, she's likely to need some help of her own sooner rather than later.

While waiting for the opportune moment Meg's come up with a (for a demon at least) rather benign and entertaining way of getting by. Taking advantage of her meatsuit's looks, a demon's natural talent for deception and her host's desire to be an actress, Meg's begun targeting and fleecing the more well off citizens of San Francisco.

Benny Lafitte

Vampirate Honey

"You're lookin damn good Benny. I've fooled a few. Ain't my fault if they don't pay attention so well." So maybe they aren't good for each other, Meg knows one thing, they are *bad* together, and she loves bad. It makes her meatsuit all gooey. They've done some things together, seen some shit, raised some hell, and he "gets" her. Meg doesn't mind watching his back or that fine pirate ass, to the point where she's willing to follow his rules (mostly) in order to stick around.