McAnally's (pronounced "Mac-an-alley's") is a pub and grill operated out of the Sunset district of San Francisco by the mysterious man known only as "Mac." Formerly located in Chicago, it is a popular watering hole for various practitioners of magic. This is largely owed to the fact that Mac's place is designed specifically to prevent overloads of magic, such as often accompanies wizards. The facts that Mac's beer is widely regarded as some of the best microbrew in the region and the food he makes on his grill is generally considered delicious certainly do nothing to harm business.

McAnally's Pub is Accorded Neutral Territory under the Unseelie Accords.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Entering the pub, one must take several steps take down. The taproom's floor is located a few feet below street level, though much of the room does protrude above ground, the windows admitting light. The room is gentle on the eyes, colored in earthy browns and sea greens, which balances the odd construction of the place a bit. All items and structural parts are arranged around the number thirteen, even down to thirteen wooden pillars, elaborately carved with scenes out of Old World fairy tales, and thirteen tables scattered about the free spaces. The bar offers thirteen stools, and there are thirteen ceiling fans overhead. To the casual eye, this may simply be strange, but to the keen and informed observer, it's clear that the entire place is designed to diffuse and refract ambient magical energies, the sort that often gather around supernatural being--such as, for instance, grumpy wizards--who make up most of Mac's clientele.

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