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Lance is a former reaper specializing in mass reapings who walked away from that role and so "fell". He became what is considered a demon, specifically a Knight of Hell, which are high-ranking and powerful demons. Now walking the Earth, he pursues his own goals. Those who are aware of his superhuman identity or his accomplishments may know him as Demogorgon, a name regarded as being a formidable and fearsome figure.

Personality Edit

Lance has an assertive personality that also carries a strong appeal to it. He possesses a kind of charisma that especially tempts less strong personalities into following him. Although some may see him as a smart ass or unpleasant to deal with, he is undeniably perceptive and lives on his own terms. Those who encounter him as a foe may well be terrified by him, as he doesn't present a supernaturally formidable mien until the point where it serves him, or where necessary; most humans would be devastated to confront his full force of will. However, he is seemingly perpetually fascinated by humans and being in human form, and because of this he is prone to indulgence in consciousness-altering substances. His nature allows him to resist a great deal of their effects, but they nonetheless enthrall him and can not only impair his judgement but also affect his decision-making adversely in order to experience them. He can also, rarely, be swayed by connections made and loyalties formed through his affiliations with the facade he presents.




Lance is an able combatant, both hand-to-hand and armed, although he greatly prefers to be armed and at a distinct advantage. Fortunately, given all of his abilities, he typically is at an advantage over most of his opponents; regardless, even if he were deprived of all his superhuman abilities, he could assert himself ably against a similar opponent.



Lance has plenty of knowledge, as well as practical application of that knowledge, in the field of horticulture. This extends to an awareness of botany higher than the average as well, but his main focus is horticulture, and specifically hemp and its relations. He is both informed and practiced enough to be able to cultivate most any flowering plant with a special degree of success, not to mention able to grow from cuttings, develop viable seeds, and put together a workable growing environment.



Lance is a generally knowledgeable and competent person in terms of academic and cultural knowledge, advantages and disadvantages evened out to an average.



Lance knows how to ride a bike, and he's aware of basic standards of maintenance. He is able to do a number of stunts and tricks, although on the whole he prefers simply employing a motorcycle for the purposes it was intended.



As a demon, Lance is highly knowledgeable in the various fields of the occult simply due to the nature of his existence. However, because of his history and essence, he's even more aware of cosmic connections and the networking of the magic world and able to employ magic at a fundamental level. Occult studies are simplicity to him, and his experiences have revealed truths most humans could not even comprehend. On a similar note, because of his nature and experience, things that would be incomprehensible or shatter the sanity of most humans don't even affect Lance slightly.



Lance is a devastatingly skilled strategist. He is able to maintain long-term plans that no other person is even aware of, buried beneath layers of other plans intricate enough to keep most anyone busy. Perceptive to a profound level, he is able to account for things that most would disregard or belittle; for almost any occurrence, he has a backup plan somewhere that allows for his survival at worst, or victory at best.



Lance is incredible with his ability to manipulate others, especially in undermining the authority of others. Whether using fabrication or fact, he can present his stance with such potency that it is often profoundly able to move those who behold the presentation. Other authority figures will often find it exceptionally difficult to command a greater degree of power than Lance, if he desires it.




Lance is able to control every part of his body, even remotely. If dismembered, he is still able to not only control every part of his body, but also to give it enough energy to carry out its impulses. However, this would be incredibly difficult anyway due to his tremendously enhanced strength, stamina, and endurance. He does not require food, water, or sleep, and can easily endure ordeals that would kill any human. He is also immune to extreme temperatures and cannot be harmed by fire or ice, though his lack of sensitivity also means he is not always as aware of physical sensation as a human might be.



Lance is able to fly if disembodied and not attached to his host.



Lance is unable to be killed by conventional methods, and in fact he tends to find these methods unexceptional and not very painful at all. Certain supernatural attacks, however, he finds much more uncomfortable and tries to avoid. Overall he is not as attuned to physical sensation as a human would be, and his ability to heal his form means that he often doesn't have to be.



Lance is effectively immortal as a Knight of Hell, which also makes him resistant to things that would drive away or might even kill a lower-level demon: he cannot be banished by a ritual of exorcism, nor driven away by a cross, holy items, and so forth. Similarly, he can be in a church or have holy water or fire applied to his form, and it cannot defeat him, even if it might make him uncomfortable. As a Knight of Hell, Lance is not the average demon and as such, even demonifuges that would work against them cannot be guaranteed against him. Incidentally, his presence may cause the upset of animals and even elements; for example, his screams may cause thunder and his approach can cause seismic tremors of a serious level. This is not an effect manifested by force of will, but simply a side-effect from his very existence. As a demon, he is able to recognize others of his kind and can perceive the true form of not only demons, but also other supernatural beings in possession of hosts, including angels. He is able to perceive and to comprehend these forms fully and without any damage to his psyche. Outside of the wide array of angels and demons, most especially ones requiring possession to interact well with the physical world, he is generally able to sense other non-human beings, though he may not always know exactly what makes them non-human or their nature, especially if there is effort in concealing it.



Lance is able to possess multiple targets, although one must be the main focus of his possession. He can only become corporeal through possession of a physical host, typically human; he can also possess an additional host, or even multiple further hosts, but with every additional possession, his power and focus are split and thus diminished that much more. Because of this, he tends only to possess additional hosts beyond his main host temporarily, and only for a very good reason. He is only able to possess hosts which he can breathe an element of his essence into, which typically requires being close enough for physical contact. Humans with particularly high willpower may resist this secondary possession.



Lance has a fundamental grasp of sorcery and can employ basic magic and even counteract magic in a basic manner. His understanding allows him to put the building blocks together for a more complex accomplishment or even counterattack, although it may take him a period of time to analyze and extrapolate what he needs from what he understands.



By touching a possessed humanoid, Lance may exorcise them from the possession of a lesser demon. To perform this without risk, he must be able to touch the possessed humanoid at the throat, a traditional seat of the soul. However, this is not essential, and the more inferior the demon, the less risk it requires; menial demons are barely a consideration, though more major demons will present a greater challenge and risk to the host.



Through demonic power, Lance is able to assert his will through telekinesis, including the ability to repel multiple adult humans physically, which involves picking up a human bodily and propelling him away. This ability may be applied in a simple matter such as the repulsion mentioned, or in more biokinetic manners such as causing sensory overload leading to bleeding from the eyes or ears and even permanent disability. Generally he must be within close enough range to establish some sort of sensory fix on someone or something to accomplish telekinetic feats with accuracy; otherwise he can potentially accomplish them, but they may not be as effective and, in the case of biokinetic assaults, may fail entirely if not accurately targeted.



By breathing a modicum of his essence into another, Lance can perceive and analyze thoughts and memories relevant to his inquiry. This requires being close enough to breathe that essence into someone else, and naturally they will have to possess the memories sought, or else Lance will be unable to ascertain anything from their mind.



By force of will, Lance may traverse a considerable distance. While teleporting himself with objects on his person does not require a significant amount of focus, attempting to teleport himself with any passengers will require much more and can be disrupted far more easily.



Lance owns a motorcycle that is kept in good repair and a reliable source of transport.


Having been around for quite a while in one form or another, Lance knows people, both mundane and aware of the greater dynamic of the universe. He can call upon some of these sources reliably, others not so much. His status allows him to command lesser demons, and his name and reputation can also afford him the ability to influence the judgement and actions of others.


Lance is fairly well off, not particularly needing to pursue any occupation in order to keep himself living comfortably enough, as long as he doesn't have any drastic costs incurred in his life.



Angelic power is a threat for Lance, and although not every angel would be able to match his ability or even threaten him significantly, virtually any angel could potentially incapacitate him for a period of time.


Spirit-form demons from Hell tend to be among the most powerful demons, but they are also kept somewhat in check by the balance of power between the Kingdom of Hell and the Heavenly Host. Specifically where it concerns interacting with mortal humans or other non-supernatural beings, demons are limited in what level of power they can use against normal people without drawing attention from the Angels. Using their stronger powers against ordinary humans tends to bring reprisals from Heaven, which means that demons tend to resort to subtler methods when dealing with mortals. Notably, there are exceptions to this: Within their own personal sanctums or when fulfilling a contract with a human, demons tend to have much more freedom to act.


Rituals able to "cure" a demon by turning them human can affect Lance, although they affect him differently since he is not of human origin. It's unknown exactly what the outcome would be if such a ritual were inflicted upon him, but it's likely that his powers would be reduced significantly, if not eliminated entirely.


Lance is unable to escape a devil's trap unaided and has his powers drastically diminished when caught within one, though he is not entirely powerless in its bounds.


Holy fire and water are extremely painful and incapacitating, although they are neither fatal nor able to cause grave injuries. However, they are significantly painful enough for Lance to flee them rather than endure them.


Lance may be incapacitated temporarily by certain potent spiritual weapons, such as angelic or demon-slaying blades. Although they cannot kill him, as they may do with lesser demons, they can stop him long enough for someone to escape from his immediate area. Angelic blades in particular may cause him enough pain to incapacitate him and are, in general, things for him to avoid. It is necessary that any such blade be of a suitably opposed alignment to his origin in order for this to be accomplished, and unquestionably pure. Regardless, any angel blade carries the potential to cause grievous agony, and as such they are all typically avoided if possible.

The being known as Lance started things as a reaper with a specialty directed towards mass reapings, such as plagues and disasters. This continued as ordered for some time, but then a unique sensation asserted itself: boredom. This timeless being became bored with his duty and became more and more prone to neglecting it and, in time, eventually gave it up entirely, walking away from the hierarchy with incidental other clashes punctuating the backdrop of his change of heart. Things had changed; he had become so uninvolved in any of his job, to the point where it was only going through the motions of a very boring gesture.

This led to what became referred to as a "fall", and in time Lance transformed into what became considered a demon, a being who had betrayed his origins and original authority in order to follow a different, individualistic path. Metaphysical conflict punctuated his existence, complete with the peripheral warring of different camps. Eventually, Lance possessed a human host after said host's latest suicide attempt in a series, and thus he began living a life unimaginable to that point. He became fascinated and perhaps even enamored of a human life, and he acted accordingly, ridding himself of unnecessary baggage and embarking on an unfettered existence. In time, he was drawn to Beacon Hills due to the surge of power there, thinking that it would be easier and better for him to build his power in a smaller place, less troubled by rival powers or multiple sources of energy.

Stiles Stilinski

Maybe I'm A Little Bit Crazy

I had so many plans when I came to Beacon Hills, and all of them changed the day I ran into Stiles in the coffee shop. We've had our ups and downs, but I'd trust him with anything and I'm pretty sure he'd trust me the same.

Derek Hale

Big Badass Wolf

We have an understanding. I'm proud to be an ally of a powerful leader who, it must be noted, doesn't get all in my business. He also takes care of Stiles, so he's okay with me.

Melissa McCall

BFFs 4evah

Somehow, this unassuming human woman has all kinds of strength and wisdom. I guess you find surprises all over, even when you've lived as long as I have. There's something new every day, if you look for it. All this feeling business is pretty new, but I feel like I must like her as much as the people who call her "Mama".

Soo Park

Somehow Not Actually A Demon

Soo constantly surprises me with his true nature, which is through some miracle of the universe not one of my brethren. He's full of secrets, but that's part of what makes him so formidable. We should hang out more.


We Ride Together

Abaddon has worn plenty of faces over the time we've known each other. She's got my back. I've got hers. Knights of Hell are a vanishing breed. We've got to stick together. I'm not scared of Azazel. But I would never -- ever -- want Abaddon as anything but my close comrade-in-arms.

Anya Jenkins

The Formidable Anyanka

It's always great to see a familiar face! Anyanka is a glorious and vengeful queen of wrath and power. She's also got a great sense of humor, which sweetens the whole package. Oddly, very put off by rabbits. I still don't know what that's about. Great to have on your side, though!

Noah Stilinski

Stiles's Father

The sheriff is actually pretty cool, at least as much as a cop can be, I guess. I've kindly avoided mentioning the fact around Stiles, but his dad is actually pretty hot. It's...more awkward now, apparently, than it was a few hundred years ago.

Scott McCall

Stiles's Friend

Stiles is really tight with Scott. I haven't spent a lot of time with him, but he seems okay. Nice ass. Which is something else I avoid mentioning around Stiles.


Abtacular Vampire Shining Knight

He's weird for a vampire, especially one of his type. But he's kinda cool? I dunno, I like him. He just kinda goes with whatever. Respectful too, which I can't complain about. He does need to get laid. Like, desperately and probably repeatedly. But not by me.

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