I Was a Teenage Thunder Kitsune


That was awesome! I mean, terrifying, completely terrifying, but kind of awesome. I've never done anything like that before, have you?
Kira, speaking to Scott and Stiles

Kira thought she was just an average teenage girl until she discovered that she was a thunder kitsune, like her mother before her. Grappling with learning to control her powers, she trained under her mother's instruction and in time came to better understand her gifts. Having found allies in the Beacon Hills Pack of (largely) werewolves, she is now a student at Beacon Hills College.

Personality Edit

Kira is intelligent, modest and sweet in demeanor but also sensitive and withdrawn. Having had to deal with confusion over her supernatural status and to overcome being the "new girl" for much of high school, she has struggled with feeling like she fits in with her peers. Upon being introduced to Scott McCall and the Beacon Hills Pack, she was inspired by the way they dealt with their supernatural natures and the role they played in their world. Elated at being included in such a group, she began to feel great loyalty to them. In all hear dealings with others, she displays a sense of honor, ethics, and integrity.

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She's one of the better students taking this college level course that is extremly hard even with everything going on in her life she's able to keep her marks . Meaning she's extremely good in Science and math witch are needed for this extreme course.



He father is a history teacher and it's shown in class that she's basicly thier because she has to as her father uses her to answer questions other students will not since she already knows the answer.



The Art of the sword... This is something Kira picked up mostly out of instinct the skills granted to her by the kitsune a skill she continues to hone and improve and thank to her gifts few can match her skill able to pull off extremely high level techniques without minimal training .



As seen more then once using her speed and strength even against stronger foes.. she uses martial arts to fight power with skill and precision .. twisting twirling and kicking driving enemys down that should by stats beat her .



She's shown time and time again that she's extremely good at researching looking up obscure data and hunting down relevant information . She spent a lot of time alone with books in her younger years.



Thanks to her talent as a Kitsune Kira has shown the ability to throw weapons like ninja stars or knives with deadly accuracy to help enhance her already deadly skills .


AGE Edit


Yukimura Kira While she hasn't tapped into this aspect of her power her mother is already over 900 years old so it's clear her own lifespan will be extremly long she might be ageless



Yukimura Kira Kitsune naturally possess an enhanced coordination that supplements their enhanced strength and reflexes.They are able to easily learn how to use weapons, or tool of any kind they can get their hands on. They can wield their tool with great proficiency in speed, power and skill. With this superhuman coordination, Kitsune can easily become masters in weaponry.This coordination also supplies the Kitsune's weapon with supernatural properties.



Kitsune can wield, use and perform a unique form of magic. This is called FoxFire, their signature talent. Kira, being a Thunder Kitsune, wields Thunder FoxFire. She is naturally immune to electricity, she can absorb, dispell and manipulate this form of energy in whatever manner she likes. She can also use that power to charge up her Katana



Yukimura Kira Power to heal is possibly one of her most powerful . Kira activates her healing ability by causing herself pain. She can save herself from a near-fatal chest wound, recovering over a day.



Yukimura Kira while she hasn't shown these powers booth her mother and the nogitsune have shown off this power.. Her mother making herself apear as a teenager and a mature woman of 35 during the same year.. While the Nogitsune has been able to craft perfect illusions to the poin that even the supernatural senses of a alpha were wolf were confused .


Like Most Supernatural her eye's Glow orange when her power is showing but she also has incredible senses alowing to her hear , see , touch and smell better then any human even able to see in total darkness .



Yukimura Kira Like many supernatural has abnormal speed if not careful she could easily outrun Olympic level athletes .



Yukimura is far stronger than human level, able to bend and twist metal bars, smash through most non-armored structures, and break through a brick wall with sustained moderate effort



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Kira's belt sword

Kira Repaired her mothers Ancient Katana witch she then used to help track down and fight it . The kanata is not only a masterwork having been in the hands of two Kitsune for many years it's picked up powers of it's own. Kira for public reasons also keeps a katana that can change into a belt for concealment purposes .



Kira is a good girl she wants to help her friends and do good by them.. she wants to follow the law but knows with the supernatural that it dosn't work.


Kira is a very young Kitsune not only that she has an extremley powerful Kisune inside her one so strong even her mother fears it.. Some times it takes control of Kira and she needs help to snap out of it .


Kitsunes have difficulty with language. Ancient Japanese a myth where people could identify kitsune. When answering a phone call, the receiver would say "Moshi, Moshi" (meaning "hello", in Japan). They'd say the word for "hello" twice which would confuse a kitsune because it's a language trick.


This is the stuff that works on basicly all supernatural creatures.. A line drawn in mountain ash cannot be crossed by them.. A building made with mountain ash protects and surpresses thier darker powers.

SHY Edit

Kira is by her nature a rather quite demure and shy girl .

Kira grew up in New York, the daughter of Noshiko Yukimura, a Japanese-American, and Ken Yukimura, an American of Korean descent who chose, upon marrying Noshiko, to take her surname as his own. Kira's parents gave her a healthy and supportive home life, but she tended to be socially awkward and painfully shy around her peers. As a result of this, she never made many friends, and she spent most of her time focusing on being a good student. She loved to read and studied almost constantly. When, as a sophomore in high school, her family moved to Beacon Hills, it represented a possible fresh start for Kira. Determined to build more of a social life for herself in her new town, Kira hoped to begin living a more interesting and exciting life.

Kira got far more than she'd wished for, though, when she discovered that she, like her mother before her, was a thunder kitsune. She did finally make friends, thanks to the allies she made in the Beacon Hills werewolf pack, but for the rest of high school, a lot of her time and energy was devoted, by necessity, to learning to control her powers. Her mother's training was intense, involving not only discipline and self-control but also combat training. Kira never wanted to learn to fight, but her mother explained that the supernatural world was a dangerous place, and so Kira learned. Somehow, she finished high school, and now she finds herself a student at Beacon Hills College. Whatever comes next, at least she's better prepared than she used to be!