Born a Hunter's Daughter


No, I'm just real happy to see you.
Jo Harvelle

Jo Harvelle is Ellen Harvelle's daughter, grew up in and working at the Roadhouse. She's slowly building up to striking out to hunt on her own... but hasn't yet really told her mother.

Personality Edit

Jo is a blend of contradictions. She's tough, she's had to be, but she has softness in her for those she cares for. She's headstrong and stubborn, like when she butts heads with her mother Ellen, and sometimes that translates into impulsive. While Jo is fierce young woman, she has the masks to hand to cover the situation. The sweet co-ed, the bubbleheaded blonde.. anything that will get her what she needs. Deep down, there's something missing, a William Anthony Harvelle hole, that drives her to be a hunter, that leave her wanting to please the metaphorical ghost of her dead father.




Jo can come across as bubbly, sweet, sexy, or innocent. She can use these different facades to get information, blend in, and other forms of useful interaction for a hunter starting out.



Jo's been cooking at the Roadhouse for years. Mostly pub grub, but she's learned some of the finer dishes in life. But if it comes down to it, she'd rather have a good cheeseburger and perfectly done fries over baked alaska.



Jo may be small, but she is fierce and has a mean right hook. Growing up in the roadhouse, she was taught by various hunters how to take a bigger guy (or worse) down. She will fight dirty without a second thought, if she feels she should.



Jo spent many a year doing the research for cases for other hunters, before she starting striking out on her own. She grew up surrounded by hunters who all had different methods, so she's got a style that's not quite like anyone else's, and including her own intuition/impulsiveness.



Jo knows where to go to find out what it is going bump in the night. She knows how to listen to people talk, how to get people to talk, and how to fill in the holes.



Jo's been raised with guns, knives, and the trappings of the hunter life. She's most comfortable with knives, but she's good with guns and most other basic weaponry. She could learn more exotic weaponry, but not until the time for it.




Jo grew up in her parent's Roadhouse, a wayspot for hunters. It's given her a pretty good network to pass job on to people in the right regions, people with the right specialty, and a way to have the same passed on to her.


Jo is known to a fair number of hunters, some of whom have known her since she was a kid in pigtails. If she needs help, there's probably someone she can call.



Jo's father died on a hunt, and it both left her resenting and embracing the hunting life. She wants to do him proud, even as sometimes maybe she wishes he were still around, and maybe she could be normal, and have gone to college and not been a freak with a knife collection.


Jo and Ellen sometimes have a strained relationship that is not a traditional mother/daughter bond. Jo loves her mother, but hates how her mother tries to be overprotective.

WEE Edit

Jo may be small but fierce.. but she's still a female sometimes taking on supernatural critters of amazing strength.

Joanna Beth Harvelle was born in Nebraska to William and Ellen Harvelle, hunters who ran a roadhouse as part of an information network for hunters to come and go, while making a living. While her father was hunting, Jo would miss him, and recalled her mother being sour.. but the minute he came home again, she'd inhale the smell of his old leather jacket, Ellen would start smiling again, and they'd be a family. Unfortunately, William Harvelle died while on a hunt, and Jo mostly grew up without a true father. Hunters that stopped at the Roadhouse would treat her like a surrogate daughter, teaching her tricks about being a hunter while Ellen's attention was elsewhere. She learned to shoot and learned lore, all while waiting tables and wiping down the bar. She helps her mother put together cases, and recently, has been taking to building some of her own, sneaking out to try and hunt without Ellen's ire.

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