Lord Glamorgan


I just think it's rather odd that a nation that prides itself on its virility should feel compelled to strap on forty pounds of protective gear just in order to play rugby.
Rupert Giles

Lord Dylan Pryderi David Meredith, Earl of Glamorgan (address him as Lord Glamorgan unless he gives leave to call him otherwise) is the son of His Grace, Lord Rhys Meredith, Duke of Monmouth. He is the United Kingdom's Consul General in San Francisco. He is also Wesley Wyndam-Pryce's first cousin and a Watcher in his own right. This last fact is not, of course, generally known. To the public, he is a stuffy, proper English gentleman (actually, he's Welsh, but try and explain that to you Yanks).

Personality Edit

Lord Glamorgan (called Morgan only by his closest friends, never addressed by his given or surname) carries an air of superiority about him, as would be expected of the son of a Peer. His arrogance is not due only to his birthright, however, but stems as well from his keen intellect. Although he has many acquaintances, he never grew terribly close to anyone. He considers romance to be a distraction, though he had a few ill-fated flings in his youth. Above all, he is the model of prim and proper dignity.




Rifles, shotguns, and handguns aren't the usual weapon of choice for a Slayer. However, Watchers aren't as hardy as their charges, and a firearm is often the most expedient weapon for the job at hand.



Books of ancient lore are often written in equally written languages, with few modern translations available. Therefore, a Watcher must be able to read (and often speak) a wide variety of tongues, both ancient and modern. This includes not only the languages of various human cultures, but those of demonic creatures as well.



From time to time, a Watcher is called up on to magic spell or ritual. As such, he's capable of casting basic spells and performing basic rituals, if he has a text to work from. While Glamorgan is proficient in such endeavors, they aren't really his cup of tea.



One of a Watcher's primary jobs is training his charge in the ways of combat, and Lord Glamorgan has spent years learning various forms of martial arts, earning black belts in several styles.



Although hand-to-hand combat is a necessary skill, a Slayer's primary weapon is a wooden stake. In addition, various bladed weapons often come in handy, particularly against demons. Therefore, a Watcher needs to be an expert at wielding swords, axes, halberds, spears, and other such archaic implements.



Most of a Watcher's time is spent in a library, surrounded by myriad tomes of archaic lore. Although much of a Watcher's studies focus on vampires, they're also quite knowledgeable about demons, as well as werewolves, angels, witches, and a host of other supernatural beasties.




One doesn't usually fight demons with bare hands (at least not if one hopes to live through the experience), and so a Watcher maintains a variety of melee weapons stored in a secret arsenal. Lord Glamorgan's arsenal contains swords, axes, spears, daggers, halberds, and other such archaic weaponry, some of which have been magically charmed for specific purposes.


Lord Glamorgan is the United Kingdom's Consul General in San Francisco, though the vast majority of his diplomatic duties are handled by the office's staff. However, he finds it advantageous to have the full diplomatic immunity the position affords.


As the eldest son and heir of the Duke of Monmouth, Lord Glamorgan is a member of the highest level of the United Kingdom's aristocracy. His title, Earl of Glamorgan, is a Courtesy Title, but affords him all the power and privilege such a title brings.


A Watcher's greatest asset is his extensive library of occult lore, and Lord Glamorgan is no exception. His library is enormous, occupying one of the largest rooms in Swansea House, and it contains some of the rarest and most ancient texts that exist.


The UK's government maintains a small estate in the Sea Cliff area to act as the home for the Consul General. Named Swansea House, this large mansion and walled estate are afforded full diplomatic status, the same as a full embassy, and are thus considered British soil.


Lord Glamorgan's position as Consul General is more of a cover than anything else. His true job is, of course, as a Watcher. Though he has no Slayer assigned as his charge, it is his task to keep a close eye on the supernatural doings in the San Francisco area and, at times, offer assistance to those opposed to paranormal threats. As such, he has access to the vast store of information and lore accumulated over the centuries by the Watchers Council, who which he reports regularly.


In addition to a hefty government salary, Lord Glamorgan has access to his family's vast wealth, built upon the textile industry and large property holdings in southern Wales.



The aristocracy's superiority over the unwashed masses goes without saying, even in an era of rampant democracy. Added to a Watcher's arrogance, Lord Glamorgan's conceit is particularly infuriating at times.


Over the centuries, the Watchers Council has made more than a few enemies, both individuals and organizations. Naturally, the Council's enemies are also Lord Glamorgan's enemies, and were it to be discovered that he is a Watcher, he would be in a vulnerable position.

Lord Dylan Pryderi David Meredith is the eldest son and heir of Lord Rhys Meredith, the Duke of Monmouth, Earl of Glamorgan, Gwent, and Dyfed, and Lady Gwendolyn Meredith (nee Wyndam-Pryce), the Duchess of Monmouth. As such, he holds the courtesy title of Earl of Glamorgan (and is properly addressed as Lord Glamorgan, rather than in any other manner, including the use of his first or last name). His mother is the younger sister of Roger Wyndam-Pryce, a respected member of the Watchers Council (one of the few who escaped the bombing by the First Evil's servant, Caleb, which killed most of the Council members), and her marriage to Lord Monmouth was carefully arranged for the advantage of the Council.

From a very young age, it was clear that Lord Glamorgan possessed the brilliant mind and keen reflexes necessary to become a Watcher, and as such, he was sent to the Watchers Academy in Hampshire. His father, being unaware of his wife's connection to (or even existence of) the Watcher Council, was led to believe that his son was attending Eton College. Glam, as he was affectionately called by his school chums, was a quick study particularly adept at linguistics. Blessed with an eidetic memory, he also absorbed occult knowledge eagerly. Naturally, his education also included training in various forms of combat, and he achieved black belts in more than one form of martial arts. He is also proficient in the use of several archaic melee weapons, all skills he hopes to one day pass on to a Slayer in his charge.

The destruction of much of the Watchers Council by Caleb, servant of the First Evil, was a devastating blow to the organization, but following the destruction of Sunnydale, Rupert Giles, Roger Wyndam-Pryce, and others were instrumental in rebuilding the institution. However, in the following years, there has been tension between the Council and the Slayer Organization led by Buffy Summers. Nevertheless, the Council continues to operate throughout the world. Lord Glamorgan graduated from the Watcher Academy with honors, and afterward, served an internship in the Council's rebuilt London headquarters. When a diplomatic position opened in America, the Council maneuvered to ensure Lord Glamorgan was appointed as Consul General in San Francisco, to establish a Watcher presence in northern California.