Fairy Succubus


A private investigating succubus with a penchant for getting into trouble.. and getting out of it with style.

Personality Edit

Bo marches to the beat of her own drum. Having been alone most of her years and only looking out for numero uno, it takes her a bit to get used to people and to allow them into her inner circle. But once that happens, she's overly protective to a fault, and would do anything for her friends that she considers family. So may see her as headstrong, but with a touch of wimsy added in, and nearly reckless. Reckless to the point she'd throw herself into oncoming traffic if that means that it'll get the job done and keep people safe.

There is also a curious nature about her, which is good for her line of work. The need to know why and hows and other intimate details of a case, person, etc.. is usually what drives her. Especially if there is a wrong that needs righted.




Bo is a competent investigator, while she's no Sherlock Holmes or any of the greats, she can listen, learn, and follow up on a lead to the best of her abilities. Even if something is hard for her to get around, she's persuasive enough to get a person talking if the need calls for it.



Bo is a competent scrapper; she's able to take on two full grown men with her brawling capabilities. Being on the streets and on the run since she was eighteen allowed her this ability, in which her feet, her fists, or any tool that's within grasping reach is used to save her life, or the life of another. She could surely use some training to hone her skills into a direct style, but who needs that when you fight dirty?




Bo has the ability to calm, seduce, or manipulate with just a touch of her hand. Obviously the more powerful and skilled of them all it wouldn't work too well on. But those who do not have a strong sense of mind, will power, and sense of self, it would work easily upon.



Bo has near superhuman strength. While barely used and barely trained, Bo can easily lift someone from the ground and throw them at least three to five feet away from her with a lift, toss, or a punch. And her punches and kicks really, really hurt. She could break bones with ease if need be, but she cannot bend steel, lift cars, throw cars, or anything of that nature.



Bo is a succubus, and with that she has the power to drain the life force from a person by drawing it from their mouths. (Where applicable.) She feeds from it and heals from it, and also is able to heal and become invigorated by those encounters. She also has the ability to transfer her own life force to someone else as well, not effectively bringing them back to life, but adds a little restoration where it's due from it's absence.



Being fae, Bo can potentially lead a longer than normal life as long as she's careful. Which she isn't.


When encountering people all together, Bo has to exude self control to prevent herself from feeding. In dire situations, such as being injured, she has to have the sense of mind to heal herself as well as make sure that the person she feeds upon remains in good care as well. For example, she can only take a little from humans, werewolves a bit more than human, immortals even more. Vampires are immune to this, as it seems as if they do not possess the chi that she needs.



As Beth Dennis, Bo is probably a wanted woman or a person of interest in the death of her high school boyfriend. As countless of other aliases, she's probably titled and labled the same as well. This was due to not knowing who she truly was, and what she truly is, but the law really doesn't discriminate once you've killed. Fae or no fae. Eventually, crows come to roost, justice will have it's day, and Bo will be deemed a murder, no matter who or what was at fault.


Bo claims no court. She wouldn't even dare to pick sides on a regular occasion. She marches to the beat of her own drum. However, this makes her one of the Wyldfae, part of the Goblin Court who move where the wind blows. It is a question on if the Wyldfae would assist those who claim the court or not, no one knows. But being in the middle and not choosing sides (she would in times of war), she's essentially alone.


There could be a time where feeding off of someones rich life-force could be so good, that she can't stop. It would have to be enough to taste like ambrosia to her, to the point she has to have it right then and there, and take it all until there's not a drop of life left. It has happened before, and it possibly could happen again.

Overall and on the outside, Bo seems to be well put together. She was born, she grew up with a keen eye and a penchant for trouble. But little does she know how much that runs so deep.

Her story starts when she turned 18. She always knew that she was different as soon as she hit puberty, but once she finally decided to give her all to the person she loved first and foremost in her young life, a simple act destroyed that by killing him. Out of fear, she ran away from the only home that she had known, taking up to hiding in the streets and stealing for food and shelter. There, she learned an array of skills; most notably bar-tending just to make ends meet.

She never kept any properties in her name, preferring to pay her rent in cash, often times camping out and self renovating older buildings that were decrepid into something more livable. But once she killed again, she ran. Life was really never easy since the first accidental killing, though it became something of a norm for Bo. From Bartending to stealing, she's managed to make a life for herself until she was caught by the Courts.

In finding out what she was, she still had no clue of who she is. But it did make accidentally killing her boyfriend and a slew of others a lot easier to deal with. It wasn't her fault, it was lapses in judgement and just a simple not knowing of what she was capable of is what did it. But, she did catch the eye of the courts and was nearly forced to pick a side, so she chose none at all. Neutral, unless in times of war. But in knowing where she stands in life, she deems to help others. No job is too big, too small for her to handle. It just makes her life a little bit more interesting.

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